Built from recycling steel shipping containers, ecopods are 1280 cubic foot (8x20) steel storage container transformed into a living, working and high end display spaces. The Ecopod is a transformed, designed built, multiple use, eco-friendly, building that promotes the best use of portability, off grid power supply capabilities and low environmental foot print. Powered 'off grid', with an 80 watt solar panel, can also be powered by conventional electrical tie-in. It is an excellent example of the three R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Since this eco-friendly innovation could last years, it is wise to get good house insurance for it. Benefits: Extra bedroom, Art studio, Portable office, Product showroom, Short term accommodation with world ship-ability, easy to set-up and locate, low environmental foot print, solar power, secure, low maintenance, easy to relocate, affordable and substantially constructed from recycled materials.