What makes the ecopod unique?

  • It's substantially crafted from recycled materials so that you can enjoy the natural environment 'responsibly' without contributing to the construction industry's ongoing wastage of our natural resources.
  • It has a small ecological footprint making it a discreet addition to well-established natural habitats.
  • It's compact, energy efficient and entirely 'off-grid' saving on the cost of both bringing utilities to the site as well as protecting you from the rising cost of oil and electricity prices.
  • It's a building which adapts with your own individual needs - you can transport it from site to site, add more units as your family or budget expands or re-orientate the units to suite the topography and best views your site has to offer.
  • It's an affordable option that allows you to enjoy your recreational space now rather than saving for years to meet the rising cost of building that second home.
  • It's factory-fabricated to unbeatable standards avoiding the hassle, expense and wait for reputable local contractors and craftsmen.
  • It's secure like no other home allowing it to be left in remote locations for months at a time, with no worries of pests, vandalism or break-ins.

What's New?

Visit the ecopod in Muskoka, Ontario just south of Gravenhurst on north bound highway 11:

Thanks to everyone who had the opportunity to visit the ecopod booth at the Toronto Green living show. It was a fantastic event and a great trusted source for all things green. Whether you're a passionate eco-activist or a budding environmentalist, there was lots to inform inspire and entertain you at The Green Living Show. For those that missed the show you can now see the ecopod at our Muskoka location south of Gravenhurst on Highway 11 off the north bound lane a few hundred yards north of the Muskoka tourist office.